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SPECIAL NOTICE:  September 20th 2022
Blue-Green Algae sightings confirmed by the Ministry and Public Health.  LINK HERE to read more... 

RESOLVED December 13th, 2022


The Bass Lake Association is active with respect to monitoring the quality of our lake.  Historically we have tested six (6) sites that provide a good snapshot of water conditions.  For 2023, we are testing only four (4) sites as indicated in the second map (right).







We have reduced the number of test sites in recent years as they have shown no need for concern.  These include the watershed inflow point off Kendon Road that was tested for additional phosphorus load from the golf course (test pt 7 on the old map).  The results over the past 10 years have been benign and we have eliminated this as a test point.  We also eliminated testing around sites where there was concern of faulty septic beds (site 2 on the old map).  The recent septic study by the municipality has cancelled this need.

  • We report regularly on this webpage, and in the weekly (May to October) Bass Lake Update.



Additional comprehensive information and reporting about Water Quality

and maintaining Water Quality is now available at our newest webpage titled Understanding Water Quality on Bass Lake

Spring 2021


New legislation came into effect on May 20th, 2021


Please inspect any 'items' you might have that have styrofoam in contact with the water and remove/replace if they show signs of degradation.


Information about testing your individual drinking water supply - the water coming from your tap - can be found in the Public Health section of the Community Connections page here at the Bass Lake Assocation website.

Current Water Quality Conditions at Bass Lake
Please refer to the following with respect to water quality trends on Bass Lake.



















Please refer also to these publications from the MLA


  • MLA Newsbites - July 2020
  • Link here to access the full online edition.
  • The final item in this edition of MLA News bites contains a clarification with respect to the Bass Lake identified in the previous edition (June 2020, above).  
  • This follows an exchange of emails with the MLA.  
  • Your BLA Executive sent them a note of thanks for making this clarification for the record.

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