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Inaugurated in May 2016, the Bass Lake Book Club provides an opportunity for avid readers to get together with a group of like minded – and fun loving – folks to talk about books… and so much more!

We meet 5 times a year for Sunday Brunch, usually on each long weekend from May to October for good food, good wine, good cheer and great conversation.

New members are always welcome.  Feel free to join our e-mail group and follow along with our book picks, even if you can’t commit to join us at any or all of our meetings.


During COVID-19 we continue to meet... holding hybrid meetings... some meeting outside on a dock - appropriately socially distanced - while others join in via Zoom... and we're running 12 months a year via Zoom!


Bass Lake Book Club

Bass Lake Golf

If anyone is interested in playing golf over the summer, Brian McConnell has volunteered to coordinate.  If there is enough interest, we could even organize a golf league. 

If you are interested, please click HERE to be connected to Brian.

Bass Lake Little Free Library

Find our Library, Charter Library # 27810, on the Little Free Library World Map.

Or, better yet, find it in person!  Our Little Free Library is located on the road allowance, set back just a few metres in the bush, at the turnaround at the south end of Kendon Road.

Our Little Free Library has two parts – an upper and lower Library.

  • Lower Library: Help yourself to as many items as you like at one time from the lower level.
  • Upper Library: Most Little Free Libraries operate on the ‘one book out, one book in’ principle.  
    While we are delighted for you to contribute to our Library – one out, one in – we are also equally
    happy for you to simply help yourself… but please, just one book at a time.


Book Donations

We are delighted to accept donations to our Little Free Library.

  • Please refer to the donation instructions on the door of the Little Free Library.
  • Please and thanks, no dumping of books directly into the LFL itself.
  • If you have more than a book or two to donate, please drop them at 1157 Kendon Road.
  • Many thanks in advance.



Bass Lake Paddlers

Do you like to paddle?  Getting up early in the morning and going for a solo paddle is lovely… but it’s also nice to sometimes paddle with a partner, or even a small group.

Indeed, it might just be the incentive needed to get out there and get moving on those days when you really want to paddle but inertia - and your morning cup of tea or coffee, or afternoon drinks and nibbles - keeps you firmly rooted to the spot.  Knowing that you had committed to paddle with someone w/could be the push you need to actually get up and get paddling.

In these days of COVID when you’re not really having many guests at the cottage, consider joining our newly constituted Bass Lake Paddlers group.  Meet new people, and up your exercise ante all at once.

All are welcome... kayaks, canoes, paddle boards... whatever you paddle, join us.

We communicate and co-ordinate using the ‘What’s App’ app.  

Charity Poker Run

Our annual charity poker run for non-motorised vessels has become a summer tradition.  Usually held the Saturday after the Civic Holiday in August, members of the community paddle the lake in anything that floats, answering skill testing questions at designated docks and hoping to finish with the best poker hand.

After the paddle, participants gather for a celebration at the Bass Lake Roadhouse.

Funds raised from registration fees go to the Kelly Shires Foundation.


The Bass Lake Poker Run remains on hiatus for Summer 2022... unless anyone would like to step up and co-ordinate it...

DOCK ROCK began as Music Night at the Bass Lake Roadhouse, and morphed into an on the water concert extravaganza.  Boat, float or paddle your way to the small south bay, by the Crown Land, and listen to Neil and Drew Leicester rock the afternoon away.

Usually held on the Sunday afternoon of the Civic Holiday weekend, this year Dock Rock will take place on the Canada Day Weekend - Saturday July 2nd, 2022 @ 2:00pm.

Donations accepted - pass the hat on the water - and are directed to the Kelly Shires Foundation.

Charcutier bids to jeffreymacdonald@sympatico.ca by 2:00pm

Dock Rock donations to dock.rock.basslake@gmail.com



Parade of Lights

Everybody on the lake is invited to decorate their boat and/or their dock with christmas lights, glow sticks, or whatever you want.

Boaters, meet up in the middle of the big bay on the Saturday evening of Labour Day weekend at approx. 8:30pm, as it's getting dark out.

Spectators be on your deck or dock and wait for the parade to come by as we do a full circuit of Bass Lake.

Bass Lake Photo Contest

All members of the Bass Lake community are invited to take part in the Bass Lake Photo Contest.

Share what makes life at the lake special.


Contest officially opens on July 1st, 2022.

Giant PINK Yard Sale

Find the best bargains anywhere at the annual Giant PINK Yard Sale in support of the Kelly Shires Foundation.  

Make your way to the parking lot of the Bass Lake Roadhouse between 8am and noon on the Saturday of the Civic Holiday long weekend.    

Donations are accepted year round, and also the morning of starting at 7am.  No electronics please.  Contact MaryAnn Beaudin at 705-375-  to find out more or to arrange to drop off donations.


The Pink Yard Sale remains on hiatus for Summer 2022... unless anyone would like to step up and help co-ordinate it...

Lights Out Night

In the same spirit by which the Torrance Barrens (pictured) has been designated as a Dark-Sky Reserve, members of the Bass Lake community turn out the lights on a common evening to celebrate the beauty of the dark sky.

Learn more at the International Dark Sky Reserves website.


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