Follow these links to access the documents indicated:


Follow these links to access the documents indicated:


Annual General Meeting Minutes

Newsletters - The Bass Laker

Bass Lake Code of Conduct

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Municipal Documents

Township of Muskoka Lakes: Code of Conduct

2022 is a municipal election year... make these next two an election issue!!  Muskoka Lakes does not have anything similar... 

For many cottagers a Muskoka summer is a short, action packed six or eight weeks of waterfront bliss. It is a time to be active, spend time with family and above all, have a good time. In our desire to have the best summer ever, our judgement of appropriate and considerate behaviour can sometimes get a little off track. For that reason, the MLA has developed a Good Neighbour Code.

We know full well that most of us already subscribe to these common-sense behaviours but often guests or renters may not be aware of some of our historical Muskoka etiquette.

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Be #WakeAware

In response to ongoing member comments and concerns about the effects of boat wakes, FOCA is very pleased to announce the release of a new video and companion website < > with information for all water users about the impacts of wakes, and educational resources to use and share. 

Be #WakeAware

The Be #WakeAware campaign is a joint initiative of the Muskoka Lakes Association, Safe Quiet Lakes and FOCA. Please share the website information and the video link with your waterfront community.

Click on image or Link to the YouTube video here.


Boat Safety Message from the OPP

As Bass Lake gets busier, and with more and more rentals bringing boaters who are unfamiliar with the lake, it is imperative that everyone out on the water minds the customary 'traffic patterns' and pays close attention to the boating activity around them at all times.

  • Wakeboats, when in wake mode, are please asked to boat only out in the middle of the large bay in order to minimise the impact of their wake.
  • Reminder to all to pay special attention to non-motorised vessels - i.e. canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and boats - and to avoid swamping them.
  • Jet skis are reminded to please stay away from boats pulling skiers and/or tubers... and to  not jump the wake behind boats that are towing such.
  • Reminder that no one under the age of 16 is legally allowed to operate a personal watercraft - i.e. jet ski - under any circumstances.


If you need a refresher on safe boating practices and expectations, you can use this link to access the Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide online.



Muskoka Lakes Association

Good Neighbour Code

Bass Lake Safe Boating Map

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9 Ways to Be a Good Cottage


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Bass Lake Cottage Guide

Additional Safe Boating Resources...

June 9 2021 – Update on proposed changes which would no longer recognize the “Rental Boat Safety Checklist” (RBSC) as a form of proof of operator competency:

  • In late 2020 FOCA and others commented to Transport Canada (TC) (the regulatory body, who has their rules enforced in Ontario by OPP Marine unit) that a simple checklist did not suffice to ensure a renter was adequately prepared to safely operate a rental boat.
  • Recognizing the ongoing concern about rental boat safety and renter competency, TC consultations were held via Let’s Talk Transportation, between November 12, 2020 and January 15, 2021. As a result of comments received, TC will NOT be rescinding the RBSC. A revised proposal is that anyone renting a PWC under the age of 25 must have a PCOC and cannot use the RBSC, but if supervised by someone 25 or older they can use the RBSC.
  • There is currently no word of further details, or when these amendments would be officially posted. Stay tuned.


Complaints or concerns about safety should continue to be directed to your local OPP detachment.

FOCA and our members are saddened by recent tragic boating accidents on Ontario's waterways.

In the words of Provincial Marine Coordinator Sgt. Dave Moffatt, the 2021 season has been "terrible".

Please see an important video message from Sgt. Moffatt, posted to our webpage:

  • This webpage contains a wealth of additional resources about everything there is to know about boating safety.
  • Read, and share widely.

Gypsy Moth Information Package

Following a sharp increase in areas affected by Gypsy moth in Ontario during 2020, there have been many questions about Gypsy moth, its impacts in our area, and what can be done to control it.

The Georgian Bay Biosphere has created an information package that aims to provide answers to some of these questions.

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