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You may have noticed this vintage beauty pulled up on the shore beside it’s matching blue and white boathouse if you’ve been boating or paddling up the top end of Kendon Bay this past week or so.

The boat belonged to Pat and Vi Boyes, who purchased their property at 1021 Kendon Road way back in 1953, building the cottage in 1956.  Pat and Vi’s grandsons, John and Philip, are the current caretakers of the property.

Vintage problem solving...

The boat - in remarkably good condition - has been stored in the boathouse for many years, and is in need of some TLC to restore it to it’s former beauty.  But, it has no working motor and no drain plug… so how to get it around to the boat launch to pull up onto the trailer?

Well… First, you plug the drain plug with a pool noodle.  Then you call upon good friends - the Ramsbottom’s from around the point - and have them take the boat for a ‘tube’… connect the tube rope, drivers hop in to steer (nominally), and away we go.





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Watch to the end... and make sure you've got your volume up!


For those of us who grew up on the lake in the days when boats didn’t have built in bilge bumps… this was life when we needed to drain our hulls (albeit under our own power).  You got as much out as you could with a bailing bucket (or not), and then you went out with the nose way up ( just shy of planing), pulled the plug, let the rest of the water out, and hoped against hope that you could get that drain plug back in again without issue.

Posted Sunday September 27th, 2020.




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